Low-Food Cafe

Low-Food Cafe

The Low-Food Cafe is a low-cal, low-fat, low-carb, low-food cafe that features dishes for the acetic gourmet. Chef Angie Brentworth has been living and cooking with anorexia nervosa for seven years, and opened Low-Food Cafe to supply abstainers with convenient, low-food entrees at reasonable prices.* 


Wasa cracker with Laughing Cow
A rye-crisp spread with light, herbed cheese-food product, 70 cal., 20 fat cal.

A dollop of yellow mustard served in a teaspoon, 0 cal., 0 fat cal.

Soup and Salad:

Bouillon broth
A cup of hot broth made from half a bouillon cube, choose beef or chicken, 5 cal., 0 fat cal.

Jicama and celery salad
Chunks of fresh, raw jicama and celery served on a lettuce leaf, 50 cal., 0 fat cal.


Eggs Ana
One egg, cooked to order, served on half a toasted, low-cal bagel, 142 cal., 10 fat cal.

Eggs Mia
One egg, cooked to order, served on rye crisp, 105 cal., 5 fat cal.
Add Laughing Cow, 35 cal., 20 fat cal.

Vegan Delight
Tofu chunks sauteed oil-free in a non-stick pan, splash of soy sauce to taste, 70 cal., 30 fat cal.


No. 2 pencil, unsharpened, 0 cal., 0 fat cal.
(not for consumption)

*Low-Food Cafe offers delivery in a limited area, but patrons should really earn their calories by walking to the establishment.

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