Sex In The Fifties

(Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda meet on Charlotte’s back patio for iced tea, while their children play in the yard.)

Carrie: Boy, let me tell you girls, this weather is beautiful!

Charlotte: Yes, it’s such lovely weather for March. Warm.

Samantha: But not too warm!

Miranda: Yes, just warm enough. Good for health, children, and the economy. 

Carrie: Here, here.

Samantha: I think this warm weather makes Smith more attentive to his…marital duties.

Charlotte: Oh, dear!

Carrie: My!

Miranda: Gracious!

Carrie: I must say, Samantha, the things that come out of your mouth.

Samantha: I can’t help it, girls! I positively enjoy being a woman and a wife, and everything that goes along with that.

Miranda: Really?

Carrie: How is that possible?

Charlotte: Ladies, I’m extremely uncomfortable with this entire conversation. Not to mention, the children are within earshot.

(A long, awkward pause. Samantha looks depressed.)

Samantha: I’m sorry, girls. I’m going to leave now. I have a headache. Come, children!

(Samantha leaves.)

Carrie: She drinks, you know.

Charlotte: I’ve never heard such talk!

Miranda: Yes, it was very inappropriate.

Carrie: Still, it makes you wonder…

Charlotte: Not me.

(A long pause, during which they all smile pleasantly at each other.)

Miranda: I know it sounds nuts, but sometimes I declare I almost miss the war.

Charlotte: I don’t know what you saw in that factory work.

Miranda: It was something to do.

Carrie: Oh, shoot. I believe I’m expecting again. Well!

Charlotte: This weather is fantastic!

Miranda: Yes.

Carrie: And how.

(Another long pause, during which they all smile pleasantly at the sky.)

Next Week:

Carrie admits to Big she is not entirely pleased to have yet another baby (but quickly reconciles herself to the idea)!

Miranda asks Steve if she might reenter the workforce part-time (but agrees to take pills instead)!

Samantha brazenly initiates marital relations (frightening Smith, who insists they meet with the Reverend)!

Charlotte asks Harry for a bigger allowance (and receives a lecture about the importance of economizing)!

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  1. jtyne says:

    Man, I hope this scene is in the movie…


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