Barely Exaggerated Questions from Bunny Health Forums

Q: My bun Chester has a blood coming out his eyes. Is this normal? Should I call the vet?
2 replies  

Q: Have had Pook for two years about, doe, want to breed her butt she is not intrsted in Thomas (male lop). Can she be gay? Or mebe Thomas is not male?
14 replies

Q: My dwarf rabbit, Bun-Chums, keeps biting me whenever I pick him up to cuddle. Help! Should I pull his teeth out?
47 replies

Q: My son gave rat poison to Tibbens, and when I tried to make her throw it up (went to put pencil down her throat), she bit me. Is this normal behavior? She’s never bit me before! Also, should I feed her something to get the poison out?
25 replies

Q: If I wanta et these rabbit, should i make him deworm fust? Anny advise on home to do – can’t pay vet!!!
114 replies

Q: To the ‘Anonymous’ person who responded that breeders are terrible and cause the death of countless unwanted bunnies in shelters, may I just say that I am a proud breeder of rabbits, and that I am very careful with my rabbits, and responsible, and make sure they all go to good homes. And so, it is not my fault that there are unwanted shelter bunnies. That is of course very sad, but this is my hobby, and everyone has a hobby. Do you can’t enjoy your dinner because you worry about Africa? So why shouldn’t I enjoy my hobby? And for the record, I am aged 5 and sign my real name, so ‘Anonymous,’ have some courage. – Cindy Peters-Rogers, Age 5
6 replies

Q: My bun leap around and roll onda floor. Do thismean he happy? Whatchoo think?????
0 replies

Q: My husband died two days ago, and I think my lop, Misty, is in mourning! She is listless, sad, won’t eat…What can I do to help her get back to her old happy, hoppy self?
5 replies

Q: Jiggles has been lying still for three days, in his own urine and his hay, not eating or pooping. But he is breathing. Is this be something wrong? Time to call vet?!?
2 replies

Q: Well, Cindy Peters-Rogers, Age 5, you have an EVIL hobby, and you are a HORRIBLE 5-year-old BUNNY MURDERER!!! I hope you enjoy your HOBBY, CINDY!! Don’t let all those dead bunnies bother you, just keep adding to the pile!!!
P.S. FYI, I NEVER enjoy my dinner, and am ALWAYS worrying about Africa, so don’t ASSume, get it, ASS???
-Anonymous, Age 43
56 replies

Q: My rabbit, Periwinkle, just exploded, spraying fur and blood in all directions, and now I can’t find anything left of her. Is this something to worry about? Should I consult my vet?
20 replies

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