I never joined a sorority in college, but I was thinking that if I had joined one, I would have had my sorority name be Sister Mary Margaret Catherine Elizabeth Benedictus Championos, and I would have painted my cell a light color to make it seem airier, and accessorized it with Target’s Back-to-School Cell Style!™ line, which is both affordable and cute. And I would have taken the crackers but refused the common cup, and then just consecrated a little half-glass of wine for myself later, in my cell after the kegger. Also, everyone makes the mistake of signing up for gardening chore because they think it’s all flowers and sunshine, but in fact, it’s hot, exhausting, difficult labor. I would have signed up for salad prep, because nobody actually wants that, but it’s super easy.

I’m just temping at a University right now, and everyone is getting ready for Rush Week, so I’ve been thinking about how I never took the opportunity to participate in all that sort of thing. But, you can’t do everything there is to do in life, and I used my college years well in learning everything there is to know about unicorns.

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  1. When I see a 50 year old person who still wears their class ring with the greek letters on it I think that maybe I missed something by opting out of that world as you did. But then I take another look at that person and realize that learning about unicorns was a much better preparation for life!


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