The Man Who Loved TV

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved to watch TV.  He found it was more relaxing than participating in any other activity, but also, it was more interesting than resting or sleeping.

At first, when he realized he was going to be the type of person who would mostly just want to watch TV for as many hours a day as possible, he fought it. He judged himself. He set limits. He berated himself for getting old and fat and tired.

“Don’t watch TV,” he yelled at himself. “Quit watching so much TV, you asshole!”

Then, he turned on the TV and felt better about himself.

Then, he turned off the TV and felt worse.

But as the years went by, he grew more forgiving of his own TV watching. He worked hard during the day, and he wasn’t a drunk, and he didn’t set buildings on fire, or kick cats. He just watched TV.

Eventually, he watched freely, with joy and abandon.

And every night at about 11 or 12, when it was time to turn off the TV and go to bed, he’d sit on the couch for another half hour or so, just looking at his reflection in the darkened set and wondering what it was all about.

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