The Sour Berry

Once upon a time, there was a sour berry who was completely misjudged on the basis of her appearance. 

“Well, darling,” people would say to her. “I expect you could never understand this, because you’re so sweet. But I’ve done some terrible things in my life.”

“You’re a sweetheart,” everyone called her. “An angel. A real gem. What I wouldn’t give for a sweet little berry like you.”

“I’m fucking sour, you idiots!” the berry kept screaming. “There are sour berries! We are not all sweet! Just because I’m a damn berry doesn’t mean I’m here to sweeten your cereal! I AM A SOUR, SOUR BERRY! And I always have been.”

And everyone laughed, charmed. She was so little and perfect, a bright, shiny red. Such a sweet little berry.

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