palace and gardens

One day during our week in Amsterdam, we all took a day trip to nearby Apeldoorn. This is the hometown of one of my coworkers, Karim, and at the time, he still lived there. We all took the train over – it was about an hour’s ride – and then walked to Karim’s apartment and met up with his wife. They lived above a nice area of shops and restaurants and squares. We all went to lunch and then took a long walk through some really pretty¬†neighborhoods¬†to the palace Het Loo, where we spent the afternoon.

On the way, Karim told us that Apeldoorn is very well known for an incident in 2009 when the Dutch royal family was visiting the town and a man drove a car into the procession. A number of people died, but none of the royals. He showed us the spot where it happened.

I like looking at gardens, and I took a lot of pictures of the one at the palace.



palace and gardens


more gardens

(More photos of Apeldoorn here.)

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