San Francisco

San Francisco

Last November, my team at work had a meetup in San Francisco (are you detecting a theme to my travels these days)? My company is technically headquartered in San Francisco, so it’s a popular spot for meetups. This was the first time I’d ever been there.  

The weather was incredible – sunny and 70s every day. We stayed in two Victorian row houses in the Castro district. Our house had a ghost, if the previous signers of the guest book are to believed; however, this ghost seemed to confine its hauntings to leaving the underwear of various guests in unexpected places.

The first day, we were on our own. Since I’d never been to SF before, I wanted to do some tourist stuff, and my coworker Karen was nice enough to walk over the Golden Gate Bridge with me.

Golden Gate Bridge
View from bridge

We walked over it and back, and neither of us jumped off. Then, we went to see the seals at the pier:


Boy, did they smell! Whenever you get too many different types of creatures piled on top of each other, they become revolting (this applies to everything from snakes to people, with the possible exemption of puppies), and this was too many seals to be attractive.

After that, we had some amazing tacos, and then Karen’s brother, who lives in SF, took us up to a roof garden. Apparently, there are a lot of roof gardens in downtown SF and he has visited every one.

Automattic has since moved into a swanky new spot, but at the time, our HQ was on the top floor of a building in the Mission District. It was walking distance from where we were staying.

Castro houses
Castro cafe
street art

There were gorgeous views from the office.


San Francisco

But we weren’t distracted by them, because we were there to work. So we got right down to business.

working hard

(More photos of San Francisco here.)

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