Sometimes I worry that I do not think enough, so today, I sat in a chair in the backyard for some time, and I just thought. I tried very hard to think deeply and well. I worked on this for a very long time, and when I was done, I reviewed what I had managed to think about. I had managed to have two thoughts:

1. Julie Andrews played a nannie in two different movies. This has never actually occurred to me before. And even though they were both classics and everyone loves them, she must have been kind of pissed about it. Did she ever think, “Listen, not all British women with bobs are nannies! I could play a thousand roles.” I’m sure she eventually got to do other things, too, but nobody remembers those. Also, both nannies were singing nannies, which, it’s frankly quite amazing that they even made two movies about singing nannies, before you even consider the fact that the same woman played both of them; and

2. It really makes no sense at all that A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano ever dated.

So I am not good at thinking, and people talk a lot now about how the internet has ruined our ability to think deeply and well. But when I was a kid, everyone was saying that about television. And they were right, so it really doesn’t matter what the internet does to us because we were already gone.

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