Ghosts. Not a Problem for Me.

I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about how seldom I blog, especially given that I make my money through encouraging others to blog more. God, I’m such a fucking hypocrite, I hate myself, I’m the worst!

So I’ve decided to hop on the NaBloPoMo train a bit late and try to blog every day in November.

I’ll try to think of something to say, but if I can’t think of anything, I shall turn to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompts for inspiration.

Now, I can’t promise that all these posts will be winners, but they will all contain five or more typed words, which as far as I can tell seems to be what November is all about.

So without further ado, today’s prompt:

What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?

There are so very many things that I love about myself that it’s difficult to choose the thing I love the most. Because I love different things the most in different situations: in a mosh pit, I most love my physical assertiveness. In the grocery store, I most love my quick decision-making in the face of endless options and my lack of screaming children. On a first date, I most love my ability to dissolve into a transparent mist and drift blamelessly through the cracks around the windows.

But if I had to choose just one thing that I love about myself, I’d have to say it’s my complete and total absence of fear at the idea of ghosts. I am not remotely afraid of ghosts, and it seems that a lot of people are very frightened of ghosts. Many people complain of being unable to sleep after watching a horror movie, of being afraid in a dark and quiet place, of being frightened of being out in the woods at night.

I don’t have any problems with any of that, because I don’t have any imagination at all, which is a problem when it comes to blogging, but it’s an advantage whenever I need to fall asleep somewhere.

The thing I love most about my favorite person is how much that person recognizes and appreciates how awesome I am, so the two are indeed connected.

This is a picture of a ghost. I don’t find it scary at all, but you might.


  1. Arlene says:

    What you love about your favorite person … awesome … made me laugh! 🙂 And yes, I am scared of ghosts, ghost stories and scary movies too!


  2. T E Stazyk says:

    You can add to your list of qualities the ability to enlighten others. After reading your post I was curious about whether there is a name for fear of ghosts so I checked and sure enough–it has the wonderful name of “phasmophobia.”


    1. Elizabeth says:

      Well, at least there’s one phobia I don’t have. 😉


  3. Kraft says:

    This really cracked me up! I would have commented earlier, but that last picture really freaked me out.


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