Do or Don’t: Pet Bowls as Regular Dishes

When I first adopted my rabbit, Thomasina, she had her own set of bowls. I cleaned them sometimes, but they were hers alone, and she always ate and drank out of the same ones.

But then, over time, her bowls got broken or lost, and I started to replace them with some other bowls from the kitchen. And this morning, I suddenly became aware of something that I seem to have been doing now for a long time — when her bowls get a little scuzzy, I just put them in the sink with my own dirty dishes and give her fresh bowls, which means that her bowls are in the regular rotation.

Now, I live a pretty isolated life, and sometimes I lose track of the unwritten code of appropriate everyday living habits for normal people. I started thinking about it this morning, and I realized I wasn’t sure whether it was normal to wash and reuse your pet’s dishes, or whether that was one of the many things that I ought to pretend I never do when other people are around (like using my stomach as a plate, or watching Pretty Little Liars).

I understand that probably no one would ever wash, say, their dog’s dish and put it back in the cabinet for their children to use. But there’s nothing dirty or even very icky about rabbits. They’re vegan. They never go outside or anywhere. Mine eats nothing but organic lettuces and herbs, and hay. Rabbits are a thousand times less disgusting than I am.

Well, except that they are coprophagists. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

So I leave it up to you, readers — is it weird and gross that I do this? Or no big deal? If it’s weird, this whole post was obviously a funny joke, and I’ve never done this.


  1. Hope EE says:

    I believe that rabbit is the most hygienic roommate you’ve ever had, so it’s probably fine. She doesn’t even really touch the bowl with her mouth, right?

    Down with speciesism, I say.


    1. Elizabeth says:

      Yeah!! Good points. It’s fine!


  2. It’s totally fine. We share dishes with the stray cat we feed outside, and I think a possum helps himself sometimes too.

    Or maybe it’s not so much that you’re fine as that I’m not.


    1. Elizabeth says:

      I’ve heard that possum saliva is actually sterilizing (like sanitizing-sterilizing, not making-you-sterile-sterilizing).

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  3. T E Stazyk says:

    I don’t know. You mentioned a downward slide earlier and I see cat food in your future!


    1. Elizabeth says:

      Never! I pride myself on being a crazy rabbit lady, rather than a crazy cat lady! I tell myself that makes me original.


      1. T E Stazyk says:

        You know what they said about the crazy rabbit lady?

        She was hopping mad!


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