The kingdom of numbers is a strange place, and gets stranger the further human exploration of it goes. It is entirely abstract and self-contained; and yet it is the key to the structure of the physical world. It is not, however, validated or verified by anything in that world. Mathematicians explore it not by sight, sound, touch, or taste; not by experiment; not by measurement; but by the pure cold light of reason.

Michael Frayn, The Human Touch

If my teachers had explained that I would need to understand math in order to, oh, you know, understand why the world happened, I might have actually paid attention.



  1. Math is a complete foreign language to me!


    1. Ugh, me too! I need a calculator even to make change.


  2. (Insert funny math/anathema pun here)…(Follow up that “funny” and “pun” are oxymorons)…(Feel satisfied that enough ten-cent words were used during this comment)


  3. As a right brain person, I’ve often wondered if we sound as weird to left brainers as they sound to us when trying to explain why they like the weird stuff they like.


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