A Pointless Announcement

I doubt very much that anyone will notice or care, but lest you think I unfriended you on Facebook, I did not — I deactivated my account. Reason being, my news feed was suddenly flooded with sponsored posts of sexist cartoons, and given how often I post about feminist stuff and how sudden and overwhelming this deluge was, I don’t think it’s overly paranoid to assume I was being targeted with one of Facebook’s engagement experiments.

I don’t actually have anything against free online services experimenting with user data, but I’m not going to be bombarded with offensive shit just so I can look at pictures of my friends’ lunches, so I’m done with that. Anyway, I’ve always meant to stop wasting my time on Facebook, and start wasting my time on Twitter and Instagram. I might even blog more! But probably not.


  1. nuvofelt says:

    To facebook or not to facebook – now that is the question. I’m trying to find out how to move a free group from there….. whish it wasn’t quite so useful on that score. When I find somewhere I’ll be following you like a shot. Will be following you now on Instagram.


  2. Charismatic Megafauna says:

    I actually came on here to find out what happened to you. I considered asking Robert, but I figured you were hiding from him, too. Alas, I don’t participate in other social media timewasters; so I’ll have to keep up with your blog. So, please, write more about your filing dreams. Reminds me of my dream reading commercial real estate listings. Soulmates in the mundane.


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