Fall Football

I live a few blocks away from a high school, and in the early evenings this time of year, I can often hear the murmurings of the announcer at the school football games, the soft roar of the crowd, and the occasional muted clashing of the marching band from far away. 

It makes me feel so happy and cozy and content to hear these familiar sounds, carried in on the just-beginning-to-chill fall air. Because it reminds me of some wonderful things about my life these days that I tend to take for granted: that I am not in high school, that I am not at a football game, and that I will never, ever have to be in high school or at a football game ever again. 

Hang in there, kids. It does get better. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    UT is playing Florida today, shame your not here. This week has been billed as “Gator hater week.” I can just imagine how much you hated missing that.



  2. You crack me up Elizabeth 🙂


  3. Arlene says:

    I can hear those sounds from where I live too and I love it. In the Spring, it’s baseball. It’s close enough to travel the distance to my ears but far enough away that I don’t have to deal with the cars, the kids, the parents and can tune it out with a good book 🙂


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