Soylent – Day Two

So, guess what, everyone?

Are you ready for this?

I did not get hungry before bedtime last night! I did get hungry an hour after bedtime when I was still fucking around on the internet, but that was my own fault. The point is, a pitcher of Soylent held me all day, for my usual day. And so I went into Day Two with good spirits.

Today was the sort of day Soylent was invented for. I accidentally turned on all my work channels about an hour before I was really ready to start for the day, and I got immediately sucked into what turned out to be a very busy day. Next thing I knew, it was 6:00pm and I hadn’t moved to my “real” desk or changed out of my pajamas.

When I get fully absorbed in what I’m doing like I did today, that’s when the need to eat irritates me the most. Because I do get so hungry that I notice and have to deal with it, but short of that, nothing else breaks my concentration when I’m like that. (Except peeing, but that takes two seconds.) And when I get hungry, oh my laaaawd, it pisses me off so much. Sometimes I get hungry, break off what I’m doing, go eat some damn peanut butter sandwich or something, get back to what I’m doing…and then an hour later, I get hungry again! This is why I say hunger is like a nagging obnoxious little kid. It interrupts you from what you’re doing.

At any rate, this morning, I had some Soylent:


It’s next to the coffee mug there. Since this is boring, here’s a picture of the bunny having her breakfast (she eats the exact same thing every day, too, and no one acts like she’s out of her mind, just saying):


Then, as I said, I got sucked up in work, and I honestly didn’t really get hungry all day long! I remember getting up one time and pouring some Soylent, but for the most part, I wasn’t bothered.

This is…I’m trying not to get too excited too prematurely. But you guys? This is pretty flipping unprecedented. I feel like I got away with something. I did not have to stop and make food for myself ALL DAY LONG. I really cannot convey how happy this makes me.

I will say that in the back of my mind, I would from time to time think, ‘wow, I’m working hard, dinner will feel really great and earned tonight,’ and then I’d remember that I wasn’t eating. But although I’m sticking with 100% Soylent for purposes of this experiment, if I weren’t blogging about it, I could eat dinner if I wanted to. The point is, I did not have to eat lunch when I didn’t want to. And that’s wonderful, that type of choice.

I did feel the need for a little something to mark the day’s end, though, so I’m having some whiskey with my Soylent tonight:






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  1. Emily says:

    Whiskey and Soylent. Thassmahgurl.


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