Me and T

I haven’t posted anything in forever, so here’s a selfie! Because I work in a distributed workplace, every so often somone will start a selfie thread and everyone posts a picture of wherever they are working from at that moment.

This can get interesting as some of us are nomads, but since I never leave the house, I rely on adorable props to get likes. Like this furious little fur baby here, who is quite simply the worst assistant I’ve ever had.  Photo on 1-26-15 at 11.58 AM

P.S. I so appreciate that I work somewhere where we can all post pictures of ourselves working in old T-shirts with no makeup and unbrushed hair and no one bats an eye. Most American women in their mid-30s have to wear heels and lipstick every freaking day to be taken seriously; I don’t even have to wear pants.

P.P.S. I am wearing pants here, though. (They might be pajama pants.)


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