Rabbit Skeleton

I never wanted or expected to come into possession of such a thing, but shit happens and I paid a mint for it, so I might as well share: here is an x-ray of your average rabbit:

Rabbit skeleton

A particularly interesting thing about this is, the rabbit is apparently 98% intestine. Which explains a lot.

“Life,” said Emerson, “consists in what a man is thinking all day.” If that be so, then my life is nothing but a big intestine. I not only think about food all day, but I dream about it at night.

— Henry Miller, on rabbits

(Dem ears, tho!)

(The rabbit is completely fine, if anyone cares. My finances on the other hand…)

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  1. FAITH says:

    Hello Accismus !
    It’s your rabbit on the X-ray ! I have 3 guinea pigs and none of them never had x-ray !!!
    do you have just one rabbit , how old , its name , or you have another one !
    i like your blog a lot !
    see you soon ! Faith°°°


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