Soylent: The Final Update

It’s been quite awhile since I updated on my Soylent experiment. Since last we spoke, they seem to have finally worked out the kinks in the product, since some of the more annoying aspects of it stopped being a problem for me (*cough* gas *cough*). No subsequent versions have felt as filling and fully satisfying as the original formula for me, though; and long-time users on the forums say the same. Every subsequent version has seemed more refined and easier to digest, but more like a traditional protein shake in terms of satiety. I never again got the feeling that I had fully eaten and wasn’t remotely interested in more food, like I did with 1.0. So that was disappointing.

Then, in February, I joined a half-marathon training program. I know, I have said I have no interest in running with a group! And I stand by that. But this group seemed really manageable — you only run together for your long runs. And I needed some accountability in my running, and a reason to get out of the house at least once a week.

And as I increased my weekly mileage, I got really really hungry, and also really interested in food. And I wanted, like, all different types of food. (Which I guess is how you normal people feel all the time! I understand you now! Or, kind of, because I still don’t want it badly enough to cook or do much more than drive down to the burrito stand.)

Soylent wasn’t filling me up at all anymore, and while I probably could have just increased my consumption, I have no desire to choke down more than one pitcher of the stuff per day. If I have to drink that much Soylent to keep fueled, it’s just too much Soylent.

So I canceled my subscription, and now I’m back to eating a lot of takeout, bagged salads, and frozen dinners from Trader Joe’s.

I will probably incorporate Soylent into my diet again next winter when I’m less active. Right after I quit, they finally released a version that incorporates the oil into the dry mix, so you don’t even have to screw around with the annoying little oil bottles anymore, which is a big plus.

I think Soylent is a particularly great temporary option for people who are sedentary, or too busy to eat properly, or too depressed to feed themselves. And maybe in future, they’ll come out with different formulas that account for activity level. But for now, I’m chewing again.

Wow. Interested in food, running with other people — who the fuck even am I these days? I think I’m delirious from increased sunlight.


  1. Alex Mills says:

    Interesting. I ordered some a few weeks ago but it won’t be here for months. I figured it might be an okay alternative to fast food which I often eat now because I don’t want to make food. Too time consuming.

    However I’m on about month two now of doing rigorous activity at my gym so I have a feeling I may run into the same problem you did. We’ll see. I only ordered a week or two’s worth so not a big deal if it doesn’t work out. At the very least I’ll have non-workout day lunches.

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      Some people on the forums who are more active blend it up with peanut butter or extra oil, stuff like that. So you might give that a try if it doesn’t fill you up enough. I’m still a big fan of it as a general concept, will be interested to hear what you think. 🙂

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  2. Chris says:

    I finally received my shipment and have been subsisting on it for the past few days. It’s a lot better than the knock-off I had been using; nice and digestible.

    I’ve found it to be pretty filling, but then I typically only eat because I’m about to pass out, not for any feelings of hunger.

    I think it’ll replace my breakfasts and lunches, but I’ll leave my dinners out of it, if only to maintain some semblance of personhood.

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      I think you got the superior formula — I was really tempted to keep going for another month to try this new one. Given how much funding they’ve gotten, it will probably just keep getting better.

      I’m sort of excited I tried it from the beginning — I’ve never been an early adopter before. 😉

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  3. FAITH says:

    is it a substitute for eating or is-it design to get slimmer ?
    and hello ! I’m new here ! sorry & i’m french ! oulala 🙂


    1. Elizabeth says:

      It’s a meal-replacement, not a diet. If anything, I gained weight while on it. 😛


  4. FAITH says:

    see you soon


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