“Quitting Your Job To Travel Isn’t Brave. It’s Lucky”

When we start equating privilege with bravery, something even worse occurs: we suddenly view the opposite of those acts as complacent, and even cowardly. That staying at a job you hate is somehow ignoble (spoiler: it’s not. If someone works tirelessly at a job they hate in order to support themselves and/or their family, that is pretty damn admirable). Or that not hating your job means that you’ve just bought into some great American lie. That settling down is somehow settling for less.

Yes, yes, all of this! Geraldine at The Everywhereist is my favorite travel blogger, mostly because she’s hilarious, but also because she writes things like this.

As one of the privileged few myself, I have often been surprised by others in my circle looking down on those who for various reasons weren’t having as much fun as we were having. Let’s all have respect for each other and our choices! If you are good to your people and to the people around you, then you are doing life exactly right. Everything else is just icing.

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