2016 In Tweets

Over the past few years, I’ve somehow ended up tweeting more than blogging. When Twitter first became popular, I thought there was no way I’d ever be active on it, because I didn’t think I was capable of being funny in a concise format. My sense of humor has always been relentlessly (often tediously) longform.

But then I quit Facebook and started tweeting anyway, and I think I’ve finally gotten to where I can sometimes be clever in brief. 

The interesting thing about Twitter is it is pretty much immediate feedback about which of the things you find funny are actually funny and relatable to everyone else, and which things are just…not. They aren’t necessarily what you’d assume!

For example, here are some tweets that I thought were really funny that didn’t get much of a reaction:

And here were some that I didn’t think were all that funny that people really seemed to love:

Looking back over my tweets for the past year, some interesting patterns emerge.

For one thing, I tweet about online dating a lot (even though I actually do it very seldom):

And about dogs a good bit (even though I don’t have one):

And sometimes about both:

I continue to be conflicted about performing femininity:

And I admire the elderly:

Finally, here are my own personal top three tweets from this year:

Somehow when I started this post, I recalled having a broader, more impressive body of work than this, but looking back over a year’s worth of tweets now, these were really the only good ones. And some of these aren’t even that hot. But if you want to go ahead and retweet/fave all of the above, I won’t judge you even a little, promise.


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