If You Just Can’t Get Enough of Me

I don’t publish on this site very frequently — once a month if I’m really feeling myself. I have often wanted to post some random shorter stuff more frequently, but it doesn’t really seem to fit here anymore, now that I mostly use this site for longer pieces that take some time to put together. Also, I don’t want to alienate my existing readership (of like ten people) with a deluge of “content” that they probably don’t care about.

My company, Automattic, recently acquired Tumblr. This is very exciting! I had a Tumblr years ago, and enjoyed posting there. It is more conducive to what we used to call “microblogging” — single photos, short quotes, random thoughts. I started poking around with my old Tumblr, but I wanted to start fresh with a new one, and unfortunately due to platform limitations, I had to delete my old one if I wanted to make the new one primary. I was sad about this, but I enjoyed the process of making a new site. I have been posting to it more frequently, and hope to continue. If you’re interested, feel free to follow it at Short Form. You can look over what’s there so far to get a decent idea of the type of stuff I’ll probably be posting.

On a similar note, I don’t blog about my job here — this is a personal site, and work-related content just doesn’t really fit. I’ve learned an incredible amount in my career over the past few years as my role has evolved, and I have sometimes wanted to write about it, but I had no place to do so. I’ve now created a more professional work site at elizabethurello.com so if you’d be interested in reading what I have to say about leadership (or see a photo of me cosplaying as a real estate agent), feel free to check that out, too.

And with that, this here site will return to its regularly scheduled programming!

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