Every year the neighbors have the usual fight on NextDoor about fireworks. On one side are those who say that setting off fireworks in a residential area is selfish and inconsiderate because it frightens pets, wakes babies, triggers war veterans, and is a serious fire danger in the dry summer in Texas. On the other side are those who say fireworks go boom!

It might sound from this that I’m on the side of the former group, but I’m actually not. When you live around other people, you can’t expect to control everything they do. I’ve lived in dense urban areas for much of my life and people make continual ear-splitting noise doing unfathomably bizarre things around the clock. By comparison, the suburbs are so peaceful, it’s astonishing to me that people could possibly bitch about two noisy nights per year (typically always wrapped up by midnight). People move to the suburbs for their children, and kids like fireworks. Get a white noise machine, put some earplugs in, walk your dog before dark, and be grateful there is no one living above your bedroom who likes to get high and practice their clog dancing at 3am on a Tuesday.

I don’t personally care much for fireworks. I feel like once you’ve seen a fireworks display or two, you’ve been there, done that. Too, if I am watching fireworks, I’m inevitably getting absolutely demolished by mosquitoes at the same time. And finally, I’m just not especially interested in entertainments that don’t have a plot or some sort of narrative. But I don’t begrudge others their enjoyment. Indeed, if everyone only did what I personally enjoyed, we’d all live in a bleak world. I’m sure Edith is going to want to singe her eyebrows off with a Roman candle at some point; it’s a quintessential American experience (although not one I ever participated in).

Meanwhile, last night, we cranked the noise machine and while I could still hear the explosions booming in the background, they weren’t distinct enough to wake Edith. I’m not sure if that was just the warmup and tonight will be more intense. She is having the four month sleep regression right now, anyhow, and was up four times through the night fml.

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