Snoozing a Baby

You wouldn’t think you could use a baby as a snooze alarm, but I actually find mine makes a pretty good one. Every morning, Edith wakes up anywhere between 6am and 8:30am, usually closer to the former. When she wakes up, I pick her up out of her basinet and pop her into bed next to me. At this point, she is usually vocally complaining, but she isn’t fully awake enough yet to be full out crying. I put a pacifier in her mouth and rub her tummy and then I sort of drift in and out of sleep and wait to see what happens.

Some mornings, she complains for ten minutes or so and then falls asleep for an hour or even two! Other (most) mornings, she spits out her pacifier and complains, then I put it back in and she thrashes around quietly for two minutes, then spits out her pacifier and complains again, and we repeat this pattern somewhat infinitely, exactly as if I were hitting a snooze alarm, until either I give up, or she escalates to wailing. Other mornings, she is not down for any of this, and belts into full out screaming as soon as I start the process, which means she’s fucking hungry and I best get the hell up with a quickness.

It’s always something new and is very unpredictable. It also isn’t restful at all, and if anything just makes me more exhausted and yet I feel compelled to do it every morning anyway, because in my half-conscious state, it seems like a good idea, which is what makes it identical to hitting the snooze button.


  1. Zandy says:

    This precise behavior on my part is what has lead directly to some of my most interesting parenting moments. Like, the time Eleanor came into our room very early, and I mumbled at her, she left, and an hour later came back with a live bird. Or the time Grant came into our room, and I mumbled at him, and some time later he came back with a knife. Or the many, many times Grant came into our room, I mumbled, and some minutes later I heard the back door slam, which is an amazing catalyst for getting up.

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      hahahahaha amazing. This is exactly what I would expect of your children (including that Henry has not been an issue).

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      1. Zandy says:

        Henry enjoys operating within parameters.

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