Pool Again

I took Edith to the pool again today, but this time, we brought a pool floatie thingie that is like a lounge chair with a sunshade over it for infants. More than anything, Edith currently craves mobility without effort, so being hauled back and forth in this thing like a queen on a litter was exactly her idea of a good time, and she made up her mind that she likes the pool. She also sat on my lap for awhile while submerged in the shallow end and she enjoyed that, and then I walked her through the splash pad and let her stick her hand in the spray, and she liked that. She is a very good-natured baby generally, and if she’s not actively having fun, she’ll usually at least hang out and be chill about things. I appreciate her so much.

My appreciation for every aspect of her is so great, in fact, that it genuinely surprises me that when we’re out and about, every person who sees her is not compelled to come up and say, “My, that’s a fine baby right there! I’ve seen many a baby, but that one is truly top notch!” Probably they are too intimidated by her excellence.


  1. It’s hard to read these stories about Edith and not see photos of her. I can imagine her adorableness floating in her royal chariot in the pool. People are definitely intimidated by her greatness.

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      When I get back to work, I will definitely bombard all of you with photos. 😀

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