Gawker is back, and I am exactly the sort of aging, snarky asshole they brought it back for. During Gawker’s heyday, I was working a series of desk jobs that merely required me to sit at a desk all day long on the off chance that my boss might at some point want me to do something (and if they ever did, I was a bitch about it). Some might describe such jobs as boring, but I have never understood how you can be bored if you have access to a computer, and I loved spending all day reading and writing whatever I wanted for pay. I did not love occasionally being interrupted in the middle of something important to be asked to do my actual work, nor did I love my extremely low pay, lack of health insurance, and overall disposability to my employers.

Anyway, I always read everything on Gawker. I have always been far too internet shy to become a part of a commenting community, but I read the comments, as well. So far, I’m enjoying the reboot except for the format, which I despise. I really don’t even know how to read sites like this — do I just open up every single article in a new tab and read it there? To my immense dismay, Gawker has not updated its RSS feed, so I can’t even escape the dreaded layout by reading the actual content elsewhere.

In my opinion, there should only ever be two types of websites:

  1. A landing page with an appointment booking plugin that actually works, a list of services and prices, a list of insurance providers accepted, and whatever other information people go digging through business sites trying to find; OR
  2. A long single column of black text on a plain white background (note this blog).

That’s it! There’s no excuse for anything else!

I’m glad that not many people share my views on this matter, however, or the company I work for probably wouldn’t exist.

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  1. A. I. Sajib says:

    The site doesn’t even load properly on my end. But I really love simplistic designs. Mashable recently did a design overhaul of their site. While I don’t read Mashable often, I like the minimalistic design.

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