We closed on our new house today! I am excited to move. I love this little house, but it’s begun to feel increasingly small. The new house has a playroom where I can corral all of Edith’s mess (currently filling up my small living room) and a lovely back porch overlooking a very private back yard, where I’m excited to spend the majority of our time. I’m going to get Edith a little wading pool. My bathroom has a huge walk-in shower, which I’m excited about because my current shower is so small I could hardly fit in it in my third trimester and I’m always smacking my head against the shampoo caddy, plus I can bring Edith’s little bathtub into this shower with me, which means I no longer have to heft it in and out of the kitchen sink.

Also, the front and back halves of this house are pretty well divided from each other, so my Mom and I can have a lot more privacy, and we won’t be right on top of the nanny anymore. And I’m sure my mother is excited to cook meat again, which I don’t allow in this house, but cannot forbid in a house my parents half own. Speaking of which, it’s going to be hard for me not to be 100% in control of everything in my house anymore.

I’m especially happy to have a more spacious and private home now that it’s looking increasingly likely we’re all going to be stuck in it for a lot longer than expected.


  1. Congrats Elizabeth!

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