Rice Babies

Because I am so old and so single, my extended family did not expect me to have a baby. Most of my generation in the wider family had finished having babies, so it was a bit surprising to have another one come along at all at this point, and it was especially surprising to have it come from me. Everyone loves babies, so a lot of my family would like to see Edith, but they can’t, because so many selfish morons won’t get vaccinated COVID is persisting for, you know, reasons. Anyhow, Japan has come up with an out-of-the-box solution, which (like any number of things that come out of Japan) is deeply unsettling and of questionable necessity.

I can’t imagine the reactions if I mailed everyone in my family a bag of rice with Edith’s face on it. I’m already dangerously in Little Edie territory, eccentricity-wise, and this would just tip the scales entirely.

(She would be the cutest rice bag ever, though.)

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  1. Zandy says:

    Listen, I am here for the rice bag baby.

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