Nursery Wars

Yesterday, I noticed that Edith’s Big Bunny (care of Zandy) had been blackballed by the other animals and was feeling, as the kids say, some type of way about it:

Jeremy Bearimy is obviously the instigator here, along with King Baby. They are the mean kids of the group. Bowie the Octopus looks remorseful and is subtly attempting to reach out. This is likely because Bowie is another Zandy special and so he and the Big Bunny are siblings of a kind. Fudge the Fat Pony is the sort of utter loser that no one even bothers to mess with because he isn’t even worth manipulating; he is too stupid to notice that he is being slighted. And Hubert the Elephant is an incredibly dull individual, and has decided that palling up with Fudge is better than being fully alone, so the two of them are full followers and only care about their own interests.

I sent in Agatha the Sheep to mend things. As the most senior of the group, Agatha is more respected although less feared than King Baby, and she is something of a diplomat. She is far too mature for this sort of high school bullshit and had she not been off attending to something else elsewhere in the nursery, it probably would never have happened to begin with.

At this point, Edith insisted that she be carried over to dress down the whole group, and I was surprised when she went after, of all people, Hubert. She pulled him off his shelf and began to beat him and scream at him in front of everyone. Now, making an example out of the weakest member of the group (always excepting Fudge) is not how I would have managed things, but I didn’t want to undermine Edith in front of her team. She’s got to develop her leadership style through making her own mistakes.

On another note, it’s entirely possible that I’m still not getting anywhere near enough sleep.


  1. Zandy says:

    I think Edith’s mug of whiskey on the shelf really says it all.

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      She has her hands full with these guys.

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  2. Awww, you miss work!


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