I don’t usually write about highly politicized issues on my blog, for two reasons: first, I love many people who are all over the political spectrum and they enjoy reading my blog, and I don’t want to alienate them. And second, while I don’t write much about my job here either, I’m in a position of high responsibility in a team of hundreds of people from all walks of life with every conceivable background and belief system, and I would never want for anyone I work with to think that I might have trouble being respectful of them or fair to them at work (or even just that I might dislike them) due to differing moral or political beliefs.

I wouldn’t, in part because I believe that most individuals have a reasonable moral code and reasonable political beliefs when viewed through the lens of each person’s understanding, background, and life experience. I obviously do not agree with everyone, but I usually can at least understand where people are coming from. I do not, however, believe that all politicians, political parties, governments, lobbyists, corporate firms, activist and religious organizations, etc etc are reasonable or honest about their agendas and their aims. I believe many of them manipulate their constituents and supporters and hide their actual goals. (Note that I say “many” and not all; it’s part of the work of being a responsible citizen to look into things and determine who/what you can support.)

On this particular issue, I think it’s reasonable for people to believe that human life might begin at or near the implantation of an embryo. However, this is America: we are not supposed to get to control other people’s lives based on our own personal beliefs. Regardless of when life begins, I do not think that it is reasonable or moral for an embryo or a fetus to be given legal rights that trump the legal rights of a living human being.

I support completely unfettered abortion access for everyone for any reason at all, and I believe all insurance plans (including Medicare) should cover it. Abortion rights are incredibly important to me and it’s impossible for me to talk about anything else today. I’ve volunteered for a local abortion fund here in Texas for about three years although I’ve taken a long break since Edith was born, and I have talked to many women seeking abortion through all kinds of circumstances, throughout the pandemic, and through any number of legislative shutdown attempts and last minute saves. Today is the day we’ve been fearing and have known was coming since 2016, and its inevitability does not make it any less horrifying. Least surprising of all to me is the complete lack of media focus and the fact that Biden and Harris (not to mention Congress) said and did fuck all about this in the run up or even as it unfolded. Frankly, I do not think SB8 represents the actual goals of even most pro-life citizens, and I believe that if more of them truly understood what is happening here and what is at stake, they would not support it.

If this is something you care about, the best thing you can do right now is to donate to an abortion fund. I can vouch for all of these:

  • The Lilith Fund: this is the fund I volunteer for. We provide funding for abortions to anyone who calls us, without asking any questions and without gating their access in any way.
  • The Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund: TEA funds abortions in North Texas.
  • West Fund: funds abortions in West Texas/El Paso.
  • Fund Texas Choice: provides funding for lodging and travel.
  • Jane’s Due Process: in Texas, minors must get parental approval to have an abortion, so JDP helps those whose parents won’t consent to obtain a judicial bypass.
  • There are more funds listed here.

I feel guilty that I tapped out of this fight at such a crucial moment. I’m going back to work soon, and between that and single parenting, I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to do, but I’m going to try to get involved again, and I might also blog more about this. I’ll make it very clear which posts will be about reproductive rights, so if this topic is upsetting to you, you can skip them. Although I hope you will instead keep an open mind — there are a lot of misconceptions about abortion because it’s something that many people would prefer not to think about, but you do love someone who has had an abortion whether or not you know about it and/or want to think about it. And as is always pointed out when the government comes for our rights: you might support their overreach on this particular issue, but the precedent it sets will apply to something you don’t support eventually.

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