Sleep. Again.

Edith and I continue to negotiate vigorously about our sleeping arrangements. I think when last I shared about this, she had finagled her way into my bed on a pretty much permanent basis; however, since then she got herself uninvited due to excessive nighttime dancing. We had reached a fairly acceptable detente where she slept in her own bed most times, but occasionally joined me at 5:00a.m. if she was having a rough night.

However, right as I reentered the work force, she decided she wanted to go back to sleeping exclusively in my armpit, and so she started waking up and crying repeatedly no matter how many times I put her down. After two nearly entirely sleepless nights, I reviewed all the sleep training methods for the thousandth time and reconsidered.

My issue with sleep training is mostly that it just seems too complicated, and there are way too many contradictory opinions about what will and won’t work, especially when it comes to sleep training before your baby is on solids. But what I’m trying for the moment is putting her in her basinet and refusing to pick her back up no matter how much she fusses, but sitting there and rubbing her back and stroking her head as she flips around and screams and thrashes her way to sleep. This seemed to work ok last night, although it’s rather like attempting to soothe an electron into stasis.

Further updates as events warrant.

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