It is not apparent that Edith misses me much now that I’ve gone back to work and she spends all day with her nanny. She’s always thrilled to see her nanny, and while she’s also happy to see me again at the end of the day (or if I say hi on a break), she doesn’t seem, like, devastated at my absence.

However, she has moved her daily BM to exactly 30 minutes after her nanny leaves. Every afternoon like clockwork, I pick her up and cuddle her, we start to play, and then she grins at me and…expresses herself in the way babies do. This is not actually new. Every time my mother has spent a day with her, Edith has invariably saved the dirty work for when I’m back on shift.

I’ve decided to interpret this as some bizarre form of compliment, but I’m not sure that it is.

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