Food Face

Before I became a parent, I had OPINIONS about other parents’ assumptions of random people’s level of interest in their children. Specifically, I did not understand why any parent thought it would be charming for others to see pictures or videos of their child with food smashed all over its face, as well as open-mouthed chewing, spitting, etc. I did not find this particular vein of content appealing in the slightest and I was often annoyed by coming upon it unawares. In fact, I found it disgusting.

Last night, I introduced solids to Edith for the second time, this time chunks of avocado. For a long time, she just kind of mopily pushed them around, and then she spent a good bit of time chewing on her bib, and then after she had done absolutely everything she could think of to avoid it, she picked up a piece of avocado and shoved it in her mouth.

She then made an absolutely hilarious repulsed face, spat avocado all over her front, and stared at me with a deeply offended expression. And I miraculously caught all of this on video!

Well, I immediately texted it to everyone I know. Who wouldn’t want to see my baby covered in mashed avocado and making some cartoonishly adult expressions?

It wasn’t until much later that I even realized what I had done.

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