Lake Kyle

This morning, Edith and I checked out a nearby park with a catch-and-release fish pond. The day was a bit overcast, but the sun came out periodically, and in the low 80s, the heat felt manageable for walking around, although when I took Edith out of her carrier, her back was like a radiator. I’m never sure whether this is safe for her or not, so I go back and forth on taking her out much during the Texas summer. Her stroller is cooler, but I’d rather carry her if possible, as it’s more convenient and fine for any terrain, and also it’s a good workout for me. Babies are great weight training because they just keep getting bigger, so as soon as you’re fit enough to carry them comfortably, they add another pound and you’re working hard again.

There were a number of families fishing at the pond, but the surrounding wide flat parkland was empty.

After we’d walked around the lake, we headed off to the large expanse of flat mown land to the left of it, and at the end of that field, there was a lip, and over the lip was a wildflower meadow behind a gate, with mown paths through it. We were the only people there, and it was very autumnal with black-eyed Susans and various white and yellow weedy flowers.

Some of the things I most love about Texas are the broad flat fields and the scrubby colorful low vegetation and the massive sweeping skies. It’s very easy to find a deep sky and an empty expanse even within a dense urban area, and if you head outside the cities, it’s endless space.

Edith spent the entire walk fully focused on pulling the stem of the umbrella I was carrying for shade into her mouth. I don’t think she was aware of her surroundings at all. Still, I guess she benefited from the fresh air.

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