Current Sleep Status

I haven’t said much about my sleep situation in awhile and that is because — knock on wood! like, times a million, please do not punish me for saying this, universe! — Edith has been consistently sleeping for ten hours every single night.

Since this post, we’ve pretty much been in a groove: at about 7:00p.m., I pick Edith up and carry her toward the bedroom to begin our bedtime routine. Edith, knowing what is coming, IMMEDIATELY begins to scream all high holy hell like I’m pulling her fingernails out by the roots. In fact, if I take her into the bedroom any time after 5:00p.m. to change her diaper (because that’s where the changing station is), she screams her head off until I’m done because she thinks she’s going to bed.

At actual bedtime, I change her diaper and then I carry her to my bed and I put lotion on her scaly spots and put her into a night onesie and a sleep sack, talking calmingly and lovingly to her, all while she trumpets one solid long unbroken scream. Then, I cuddle her while I give her whatever last milk she wants. Sometimes she screams through this, and that usually means I missed the window. Other times, she pauses screaming briefly to have some milk, and that means I hit the window.

If she pauses her screaming while drinking milk, I attempt to read her a bedtime story. Usually we get one or two pages in before she remembers she’s going to bed and begins screaming again.

At this point, I carry her across the room, rocking and cooing, give her a big hug and kiss, and lower her into her bed and rub her tummy. At this point, something really strange happens — she grins and giggles at me. Every night! It seems for all the world like she is happy to be in her bed. But that can’t be so, because a moment later, when I turn on her noise machine and turn off the light, she resumes screaming.

I leave the room and she screams for either one second or 25 minutes or somewhere in between, depending, and then she falls asleep and doesn’t get up until 5:15a.m. when she starts politely squawking across the room at me until I turn the light on and get up.

I guess my question is…does everyone else’s baby do this screaming at the faintest approach of bedtime thing? The baby books don’t mention it, and it seems more like toddler behavior than infant behavior. I’d love to eventually be able to cuddle with her and read books before she goes to sleep, but this seems impossible at the moment since the bedroom is apparently a torture chamber any time after 5:00p.m.


  1. Zandy says:

    No two babies do anything the same way, it’s great of them.

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