Every night, I don’t feed Edith some sort of something, usually brightly colored veggie matter, and she smears it all over herself rather than eat it, and after dinner, I pop her into the bath and her not-dinner floats off of her like magic, and she becomes baby-colored again.

Last night, she wasn’t having carrots, and by the time she was finished not eating them, she was so covered in them that she looked like a tiny ex-President. When I put her in the bath….nothing changed. She stayed orange.

I scrubbed and scrubbed and eventually, most of the orange came off, but her stomach and thighs stayed a pale yellow, like she’d been coated in Betadine.

Mom suggested we experiment with beets and blueberries and see if we can tie-dye her.

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  1. Zandy says:

    One of my nieces heavily favored sweet potato (or maybe yams) as a baby, so my sister fed her that a lot and she turned orange for awhile. Just a gentle oompa-esque glow.


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