Happy Halloween

I’m not a fan of holidays. I know, you’re all shocked. I just find them repetitive and boring — in other words, ideal for children. One reason I was really looking forward to having a baby is that holidays would be enjoyable again, because little kids love holidays and I like watching little kids enjoy things.

This is Edith’s first holiday! She will be going to bed long before it begins, but before that, we’ll dress her up like a pumpkin and take a picture of her, which will be mystifying to her, but will please us and the relatives we send the picture to.

Mom got pumpkins, but we didn’t get around to carving them, so we’ll set them out on the porch as they are. We also got candy, but I will be going to bed with Edith, so it will be up to Mom to hand it out.

Next year, though! Edith will be old enough to trick-or-treat, and I bet she will LOVE it! I can’t wait. (Will she be old enough? She’ll be 1.5 — that’s old enough, right? I have no idea what age kids do things.)

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