Edith is still not into eating, but she LOVES drinking water out of a cup. She cannot get enough. She will never need one of those dumb Instagram jugs with motivational sayings printed on the side; this kid will readily hydrate.

The only issue is, she doesn’t really understand how to drink yet. At first, she did it intuitively, taking delicate, studious little sips. But now she gets so excited when she sees the cup coming that she chomps down on the brim with her new two bottom teeth and sort of…horks the water back, resulting in much coughing and spluttering and indignant glances at her caretaker. And then she does it again. And again.

Also, I would really like for her to hold her own cup, and she would really like that too, but (as we are repeatedly learning each night) that level of coordination is a long way off. Yet strangely, after dinner, when she is in the bathtub with her plastic toy cups she plays with in there, she is perfectly capable of grasping one of those in both hands, and bringing it steadily to her mouth, full of dirty, often peed-in bathwater without spilling so much as a drop.

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