I have now been blogging for 144 days straight. Why? I don’t know. I just started doing it. It’s satisfying, though — a small thing I can check off a to-do list every day that makes me feel like I’m still using my brain even though I spend most of my time crawling around on the ground after an infant.

But today, it finally happened. I opened up the new post window, and I had nothing to say. That’s not true — I have a lot to say. But the things I have to say are long, complex topics that would take me much time and mental energy to write, which is entirely contrary to the purpose of this daily posting activity — a quick burst of creativity I don’t have to think too much about.

Fortunately, I saw this coming some time ago, and downloaded a free ebook called “100 Days of Self-Exploration,” a “Self Discovery Journal.” It being free, I don’t expect much, but I figure it could be a useful jumping off point for those rare days when Edith hasn’t done anything new worth talking about.

So here we go, the first prompt:

Who are you?

Well. This seems like a gimme. I’m Elizabeth Urello. Not an especially deep prompt, but I guess this is like putting your name at the top of the paper, an easy intro to the subject at hand.

I hope it’s been as fun for all of you as it has been for me!


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