It seems the baby has been chewing on the wood furniture:

Is this…normal behavior? For a human baby?


  1. It’s pretty normal.

    When we came to the house we are in now to review it post-construction, one of my kids (who was quite small at the time) charged at one of the windowsills and took a big ol’ chomp out of the drywall.

    It’s still (not) there, 15 years later.

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  2. Thanks all, I feel marginally comforted that it is normal for my infant to strip the finish off all the furniture and that I haven’t accidentally given birth to a beaver in a baby suit. But also…what the HELL, they do this???


    1. > But also…what the HELL, they do this???

      They do this but, as other posts of yours have pointed out, they do not feel such compulsion to gnaw on the perfectly edible and legitimate FOOD you present them with.

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        1. Just like cats, who prefer to scratch on absolutely every single thing except the cat scratching post.

          I think babies are similar to cats in a lot of ways, come to think of it…


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