I think pretty much everyone has had it with Kendall by now, but if he weren’t already on my shit list, giving a rabbit a bagel would surely have put him there. Of all the many carelessly evil things the Roys have done, this is arguably the one that bothers me most. The second he had that phone call I was like, well, there’s a nice case of GI stasis coming for you, asshole. It was a real Chekhov’s bagel situation.

Mostly, this show makes me extremely relieved to not be an executive assistant anymore. Much in the same way that anyone who has ever waited tables will always have a bit of stress in a restaurant setting, watching the various extremely pinched-looking pretty young women in the show hustle around looking terrified as people bark unpredictable orders and/or vent inappropriate emotions in their direction has my shoulders up around my ears by the end of every episode.

I’m not saying I never get that cold, sick “I think I fucked up” feeling in my stomach at work anymore, but at least now when it happens I can take my bra off. Being young sucks, just generally.

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