Edith has become fascinated by the hinges on doors. She will kneel next to a door for probably twenty minutes patting the hinge or banging a toy against it and lecturing it. I am able to peruse Twitter uninterrupted for quite long periods of time (not necessarily a good thing), so preoccupied is she with the door hinges.

I don’t know from whence this fascination comes, but of course, once she is capable of moving the door, she will not be allowed to play with the hinges anymore, so hopefully she moves onto something else before then.

Earlier fascinations of Edith’s that she has graduated from: ceiling fans, the corner of roof of the house next door to my old house. Ongoing fascinations that continue: tags, window blinds, light bulbs, computer cords, the outlet that’s sunk into the floor of the living room, the bathmat, the shower drain. Newest fascination: door hinges.

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