New Friends

Edith’s time with my friend over the past four days was her first experience with spending actual time with a new person since she was an oblivious newborn.

My friend spend the first day running errands and the second day cooking, and so she didn’t pay a lot of dedicated attention to Edith, but I paid a lot of dedicated attention to my friend, and Edith did not care for this at all. She became incredibly clingy and whiny with me, bossed me around as much as she could and insisted she be carried everywhere. If I set her down or stopped focusing on her for a few seconds, she shouted in protest.

But on Friday, my friend spent some time playing with Edith and observing and admiring her, which is more in line with what Edith has come to expect from others, and then Edith relaxed a bit and began to set herself up at an equal distance between the two of us and gambol and preen. We obliged her with double the attention, and she found she quite liked strangers after all.

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