Prompt 3

I won’t be talking about the serious thing today, sorry or you’re welcome.

Instead, here’s prompt 3:

What are you most grateful in life (sic)?

Ah, this is a tricky question! Because if I were to honestly say what I’m most grateful for, it would be offensive to whatever group of people don’t have that thing or have not avoided that fate.

It’s also tricky to identify what particular thing I’m most grateful for. I’m a super privileged person, so it’s tough to say which particular aspect of my privilege has most led to my having a relatively frictionless life.

Probably my teeth. Teeth are the first thing everybody notices and they matter a whole lot more than anybody wants to admit. You can convincingly pass as several social classes above your actual one if you have the right teeth. Mine aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty decently big and solid and white, and I’d say they have probably done more than anything else to get me through doors, even if those admitting me don’t realize my teeth are what they’re really making judgments about.

Sorry to everyone with bad teeth — I’m not making these rules myself! Hate the game, not the player.

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