I got my booster yesterday morning. I had Pfizer for the first two shots and I had no side effects, and then I got the Moderna booster. I had heard that Moderna packs more of a punch, so I thought I might get sick, so I scheduled my booster for a time when I didn’t have much going on at work the next day, but the nanny would be here.

It’s a good thing I did, because this has been pretty miserable. It’s been so long since I’ve been sick that I kind of forgot what it felt like. I woke up at midnight last night shivering so I went into my closet and put on all my winter clothes and then got back in bed. I didn’t sleep well and Edith got up at 5 as usual, but luckily she took it easy on me.

HAHAHAHAHA nope, as if! She was in an especial mood this morning and whined piercingly and endlessly for two hours, seemingly for no reason, while I lay prostrate on the playroom floor, my head pounding, and wished for death.

Finally, the nanny arrived and I went to bed for four hours and then worked through the afternoon. That was fine, but the evening parenting shift was tougher. I still feel like crap — sweaty and headachy. I am pretty good at compartmentalizing physical discomfort in terms of illness. I just kind of…accept and then ignore it. But I’d been dreading my first illness as a parent. Kids really don’t let you phone it in.

I have two full days solo with the baby starting in the morning, so I hope I feel a bit more with it when I wake up. And/or she’s better company tomorrow.

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