Smart Phone

Because I read on my phone in bed in the evenings, I no longer plug it in at night, I just drop it next to me in the bed. I don’t plug it in in the bedroom because first thing in the morning, I put Edith on the bedroom floor to crawl around while I pee, and if she sees a phone chord in evidence, she’ll be gnawing through it in two seconds flat.

Last week at baby gym, after I set Edith down in the middle of this enormous room full of toys and children and obstacles and bright colors and all kinds of things, she immediately made a beeline for this little cranny over behind some blocks where one of the staff members had left her iPhone charger plugged in. I don’t know how she even saw it. I couldn’t get her to give up and focus on anything else until I had unplugged it and put it out of sight up on a high shelf.

So anyway, I now charge my phone during the day, when I’m sitting at my computer.

My iPhone has been attempting to update to the newest version and giving up because it isn’t plugged in every single night for the past three months.

I mean, not for nothing, but it just seems like this technology should be at the point by now where the software could somehow recognize that “charging time” in this case differs from “overnight time by timezone,” and switch when it’s trying to update! I don’t know, maybe that’s too much to expect, but it’s the sort of thing I think about when people get anxious about AI overtaking us all and wiping out the human race.

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