COVID test

I got my second ever COVID test yesterday. I got the first one because I felt under the weather the weekend before I went back to work and I didn’t want to have the new nanny start unless I knew I was fine (I was). I got this one because I was pretty sick for a couple of days (thanks, baby gym). I do not have COVID.

There’s a really convenient testing sight not far from here — it’s a truck in a parking lot, so very easy to social distance. When I looked up where to get a test online, for a CVS, I’d have to go to San Marcos, which isn’t that far, but was farther than I wanted to go, and for a Walgreens, I’d have to go to Odessa, which is six hours away lol. The truck site said it wasn’t taking appointments but anyone could walk up, but when I got there the woman said that you have to have an appointment and that they only have 400 tests per day and that day there were only 14 appointments left.

I made one for 1:00pm and went back. The test is very fast and easy — you walk up to the window, they drop a baggie in a slot, you swish a Q-tip in each nostril for 15 seconds and then put it in a tube, and put the tube back in the baggie and put it in a trash bin. The giant plastic trash bin was already PACKED with tests — I had to really shove it down in the top to get it to stay.

My results were supposed to come in two days, but I got them in less than 24 hours.

It’s ridiculous that tests are hard to come by. Mine was pretty easy, but even still, being turned away at first would make anyone who didn’t care that much and wasn’t forced to get a test say screw it, I just won’t get one. Especially people who work, and especially now when everyone’s busy with the holidays. The point of the tests is for public health, so for that to work, they need to make the tests so easy and so widely available that it’s almost harder not to get one.

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