Merry Christmas

Despite being unaware of Santa, Edith joined children everywhere in waking up periodically all night; in addition, the cold I had a few days ago hit my throat so I spent all night unable to sleep and fighting to suppress deep coughs so I didn’t further wake the baby. But since my dad is here, I got to take a nap in the morning to make up for it. Then, we opened presents and Edith’s favorite (other than the packaging) was predictably the simplest — a big metal loop with three metal “keys” on it. She crawled proudly around the house all day with it dangling from her mouth like a sentient doorknocker.

In the afternoon, my aunt and uncle came over for Christmas dinner and Edith was baffled to find herself slightly to the side of the center of attention for once. She crawled up on their feet and attempted to exert her will like she does with the rest of her staff, and was perplexed when it did not work. She was a pleasant dinner guest, though, keeping most of what was on her tray out of her hair, and blowing raspberries at everyone companionably.

I am astonishingly exhausted for someone who really just bummed around the house all day. Following around after a baby and trying to keep her out from under other people’s feet and away from the oven is tiring work, as is lifting her up and putting her down repeatedly at her command.

But Edith had a blast on her first Christmas, and that’s all that matters. Hope all of you and yours did, as well.

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  1. Merry Christmas, and may your cold just be a cold.


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