It’s been warm as summer here till now — today, it reached a high of 80 in the afternoon. Over night, however, it is supposed to plummet down to the 20s. It won’t actually get cold enough this weekend to blow the electricity grid out again, I don’t think, but everyone is just expecting it to go down. Apparently this neighborhood lost power for five days in the one last February, and no one has done anything to improve the situation in the year since, so I imagine that at some point, it will become an issue again. (Last year, I was on a shared grid with the local hospital so I didn’t lose my power at all, which was fortunate because I was extremely pregnant and alone and didn’t really have much of a sense of humor about things at the time.)

My plan is to put the baby in the car and head over the border into a state that maintains its infrastructure and get a hotel room there. I realize that’s a bit privileged, but I can always say that my intent was just to drop Edith off and come right back.

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