Day 10

What are five things you’re grateful for today?


What are five things you’re enjoying this week?

  1. Wordle. It’s rare I jump on a trend while it’s still trending, but this is very much my shit. I love word games, mostly because I’m far too stupid for number games, and I love things that are easy for me to do but still make me feel smart, because I really like feeling smart. I also like that this only takes a couple minutes every day, and is relaxing to do.
  2. Search Party. I really loved seasons 1-3. Season 4 was a little strained, and season 5 is…well, it feels like a final season. But it still makes me laugh and is so satisfyingly bleak. I particularly love Meredith Hagner. I’d never seen her in anything before this, and she is so fucking funny. I hope she gets a ton of work after this.
  3. Julio’s Seasoned Tortilla Chips. These thin, crispy chips are absolutely COVERED in MSG. Delicious. I am eating like two bags a week.
  4. The Miss Marple books. I needed something dumb and absorbing to read this year while Edith is sucking up all my energy like a tiny vampire, and most dumb stuff is so poorly written that it makes my skin crawl. But Christie is a master for a reason. These are formulaic and way too reliant on poison, but they’re fun and satisfying, and there’s nothing in them that’s so moronic or sexist that it sets my teeth on edge (although I did run slap up against the n-word in one, which is always so jarring and viscerally upsetting like seeing half a worm in your just-bitten apple).
  5. The Mountain Goats. My work soundtrack recently. I’m not sharing anything new with this one, but 2020-22 have been John Darnielle years. I don’t have the patience for any naive hopeful drip crooning their delusions into my ears these days. We need artists accustomed to swimming in the darkest of waters to lead us into the underground caving system of our collective future.

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  1. Zandy says:

    There is no such thing as “too reliant on poison” for your information.


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