Day 12

What emoji(s) do you like to use?

I don’t like to use any emojis; I would love if my life were such that I never had to use another emoji, and one day when I am very old, it will be so.

However, I am driven to most frequently use the rage face and the cry-laughing face. Also the grin.

Mostly, writing this makes me feel sad and hopeless, because it highlights how many of my friendships (and all of my workplace relationships) are now 100% virtual and how long it’s been since I regularly hung out with a group of actual people in physical spaces. Physical proximity is more of a rare treat now, a cause for great celebration. I think it’s making us all deeply mentally and physically sick and broken in ways we are largely pretty unaware of, but it works really well for capitalism and it’s also easier for us personally (in the way that staying in bed is always easier and more comfortable than doing something), so we’re all willingly allowing ourselves to be convinced it’s great. And that was before the pandemic.

God, we’re all so fucked.

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